Carol Cretella

Join Carol and Andrew Cretella for a blissfully long weekend at the "Mojave Mojo: Yoga and Inspiration Retreat!" April 26 to 29, 2018. Say "YES!" to an unforgettable, unparalleled experience of nature’s astounding beauty, luxury, relaxation, and mind-body-spirit renewal. Step back in time and experience old-world charm at the historic Campbell House Inn, located minutes from Joshua Tree National Park in the Mojave Desert, California.


Carol Cretella is passionate about guiding women to deepen their self-connection, achieve a higher level of health, vitality and well-being, and magnify their personal presence. She offers weekly classes, workshops, retreats and personal coaching.

Carol is a licensed facilitator of The Art of Feminine Presence, a world-wide movement that empowers women to be seen, be heard, and inspire change. She has gained invaluable knowledge and insight during eleven years as a certified teacher of Yoga, Pilates, and Barre. She became an expert of those mind-body disciplines because they develop strength, flexibility as well as balance and grace. She also incorporates skills and intuition developed during her twenty-eight year career as a New York Fashion designer to coach women to enhance their self-expression and radiate a confident, authentic style.

Bernie H.

Bernie (verified owner) November 12, 2016 – I attended the “Powerful and Feminine” women’s retreat at the Lumeria, Maui. It was a memorable experience. The retreat location was perfect and I felt the peaceful atmosphere as soon as I entered the grounds. My room was comfortable and overlooked the Meditation…

Karla Pierce

️Karla Pierce – April 14, 2016: I so enjoyed this workshop. Carol with her insight, wisdom, gentle but strong feminine presence makes this class a very unique experience. I am looking forward to take this journey with Carol to the next level.. If anyone wants some time to spend with…

Christine Attoun

Christine Attoun – November 1, 2016: This women’s retreat was everything it was billed to be! The resort is absolutely serene and inspiring. A sense of peace and bliss descends on you the moment you step in the property! We enjoyed delicious and nutritious breakfasts on the patio of the…

Nancy Koehler

Nancy Koehler – February 1, 2016: This introductory workshop to the Art of Feminine Presence was, for me, not only a wonderful, empowering and transformative experience but also exactly what I needed at this point in my life. Although I was apprehensive when I walked into a room filled with…

Hannah H.

Hannah (verified owner) November 7, 2015. Carol is influential and inspirational. I keep coming back to her programs because each time I leave energized and invigorated. I first started Carol’s program about two years ago and I love it. Her presence and ability to help us shift is truly a…


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Carol Cretella has contributed her passion and expertise in various roles at these health, education and creative centers.

  • North County Yoga Community
  • Rancho Valenica Resort
  • Integral Yoga Institute NYC
  • Poway Adult School
  • San Dieguito Art Guild